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08 October 2010 @ 04:04 am
From Twitter 10-07-2010  

  • 06:55:21: RT @FakeWMATAAlerts: Passengers at the Rossyln station: pressing those bumps between escalators will serve you a hot cinnamon roll, but ...
  • 09:55:57: Not sure if a tourism site should state that a Greek Goddess no longer lives in her temple because it's in ruins. http://bit.ly/cGcEkr
  • 09:58:55: Hera took one look at the ruined temple, said, "The hell with this!" and moved to a condo overlooking Lemonakia, where she sulks to this day
  • 13:03:34: RT @JimGaffigan: Victoria's Secret now has Halloween costumes. I hope they have an Iron Man for my son.
  • 13:04:41: @thedreamymoon Yay! Now I know where I can wash my paint brushes!
  • 20:52:21: W00t! My first Balticon Podcast is UP!: http://t.co/DNDFoou

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