punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-08-2010

  • 06:14:16: There's a crabby handsome government worker who HATED me sitting next to him, so he got up, and has been staring me down while standing.
  • 10:36:55: Cyanide & Happiness - Beer Run http://t.co/Q8iHLdA [warning, immature mixed messages about drinking and driving, slight cartoon gore]
  • 16:43:53: @ivywillow don't forget Scotch for snakebite.
  • 18:46:38: Sesame Street: F is for Float http://t.co/tDYEeWE [sorry, this is awesome even if it's not very complicated]
  • 20:40:08: @ChrisImpink I can't draw. But I wanted to join your side in some disturbing artistic fashion. I am a writer. http://t.co/TQ0ZbMM
  • 20:47:43: @RubyCosmos @ChrisImpink What I wanna know is, why did Bryan make him look like Gecko?
  • 20:56:21: @kittykatya @RubyCosmos Have I set the tone for violence tonight. Because it was ON the second @ChrisImpink drew a meat grinder.
  • 21:11:27: @ChrisImpink In a fight, we got your back. @ninjacooter and I will try and make it Friday. TeamImpink. CodeChris. Boo-rah.

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