punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 07:21:31: Why would a downed train at Farragut North affect my NB train to Silver Spring at Ft. Totten? You're just making stuff up, #wmata
  • 16:42:46: RT @postsecret: "How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?” “It's a really obscure number, you probably haven't heard of it.”
  • 16:45:29: Anal-retentive control freak dad is needling his young son with sarcasm on OrangeLine. Yells at future ride on phone. Can I kick him? #wmata
  • 16:56:14: Also seen: guide dog hit hard by thoughtless woman with her rolling briefcase. She didn't stop, either; on cell phone in a HURRY! #wmata
  • 17:00:22: @ravyn @pfischer seems like he wants to talk about "a modest proposal": http://bit.ly/duVIVa
  • 17:01:20: Warning: I think @Balticon is thinking of eating mundanes...
  • 17:04:56: Don't eat mundanes, @Balticon, we need them for breeding stock! Didn't Piers Anthony teach you anything?
  • 17:07:44: @kittykatya "this burger tastes like decaying 1950s themed diner. And pretzel sticks!"
  • 17:19:53: @kittykatya Hooters? That's like webcomic or Otakon Japanese guest flavor! Balticon would taste more like stale mustard pretzels...
  • 21:25:05: @Glark Try supporting them as an ISP. With customers who hired a 3rd party contractor 5 years ago, and want to upgrade without rehiring.
  • 21:28:46: @Glark "Whattia mean our CF 7.5 code won't work?? It worked BEFORE the upgrade, YOU fix it..."

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