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14 October 2010 @ 04:05 am
From Twitter 10-13-2010  

  • 07:00:58: @pfischer Yes! That and yard leaves/doggie doo.
  • 07:02:44: Metro center packed as red line experiences delays due to the usual crappy mismanagement #wmata http://flic.kr/p/8JKaid
  • 07:17:54: @Glark for a second, I read "Brasky," and thought it was an SNL reference. "Stayed underground for 69 days straight! TO BILL BRASKY!!"
  • 07:22:16: Two days to #SuperArtFight! Two days to divide a "before&after" moment in my life when @ChrisImpink slaughters the competition in Baltimore!
  • 15:41:17: Attention friends of Punkie: Call for Beta readers this December: http://t.co/tDYXCdl
  • 16:19:40: Red Line still crappy. Silver Spring a madhouse. #wmata http://flic.kr/p/8JNRtK
  • 16:25:29: RT @AllieBrosh: New Blog Post: The God of Cake: http://bit.ly/aivSwj (NSFW if you got in trouble for laughing loudly before)
  • 16:30:42: RT @badbanana: Good news. Just finished the giant candy cane Santa brought me in 1975.
  • 16:54:43: Gallery Place was so packed, as our train drove away, you could hear people's jackets and bags scrape along the side of the train #wmata
  • 16:55:45: AVOID THE METRO. Stay home, at work, whatever. It's too crowded. Seriously! # wmata
  • 17:13:01: @donttrythis yes. If anything, it will prove I am a zombie because I have been doing that for 27 years.
  • 19:47:33: OH: "With those high-heeled boots, she's going to need to cooking recipes with high-altitude instructions."
  • 19:48:50: Installed Ubuntu 10.10 and my nvidia 6800 AGP card doesn't allow 3D with Xorg 1.9. So much for wobbly windows. :(

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