punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 06:01:36: Ah man, I wish this skunk would leave my yard. Pew.
  • 06:34:23: @onezumi I was sent to a mental hospital at 18. Top that! :p
  • 06:36:24: RT @TweetsofOld: The miscreants were pinched while carrying the Cincinnati Fountain across the bridge to use as a prize for a euchre gam ...
  • 06:38:24: @NerdOverlord I thought you in Post-Apocalyptic Vegas last night?
  • 06:39:40: @ejacqui that's why I usually bring my own power strip.
  • 06:46:52: RT @FakeWMATAAlerts: Gallery Place to have "Chinatown" removed in title. It's over. We fooled no one. We just wanted to impress Megabus. ...
  • 07:08:21: I think the douchebag next to me is reading what I type because he bought a Nook instead of a Kindle #mindyourownbeeswax
  • 07:13:57: Most appropriate #wmata commute reading ever http://flic.kr/p/8LC4Q5
  • 07:19:45: [sigh...] Yet another embarrassing, "Punkie, you didn't know I wrote a webcomic?" moment. You guys need better PR when you hang around me.
  • 08:07:14: My #SuperArtFight pictures are up! No John Waters pics, though. Boo, hiss. http://bit.ly/bGtfnq
  • 08:15:19: @onezumi Okay, that's defense. My unique defense was entirely playing the system: I was booted for being too normal. ...ACTING! :D lol
  • 08:19:36: @onezumi Thanks for making me feel old. Xena came out when my son was 5. [shakes cane]
  • 08:29:37: @onezumi We had 1 girl in school who got suspended for wearing a bikini on the last day of school. BOTH (divorced) parents had to claim her.
  • 09:04:40: Linda Ronstadt at her best, what a voice! Pirates of Penzance from 1980s SNL http://t.co/5nGo3V5 [the Constable's arms are freaky, though]
  • 09:19:53: The guy in the stall next to me has flushed SO MANY TIMES in a row, I think he's getting rid of evidence.
  • 09:22:12: @limbsakimbo "The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast..."
  • 09:25:17: @angryzenmaster ...and here's to hoping I don't share an elevator with you...
  • 16:49:58: Migraines are, as my friend Alexis once said, the absolute opposite of awesome.
  • 18:39:05: Time for everyone to stop measuring anything as "can circle the globe X times" or "to the moon and back." That's just incomprehensible...
  • 19:43:44: Cats need people. Who else would wipe gunk from the corner of their eyes?
  • 20:11:56: Rooobot HOUSE!!

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