punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 00:15:38: @onezumi I know; it will flatten everything!
  • 06:25:46: My head feels like a balloon that was inflated for a long time then deflated and is now all baggy and wrinkly.
  • 07:06:05: "Train circuit problem at Rhode Island Ave" has our train stuck at an angle at elevated platform. Red Line delays to SilverSpring #wmata
  • 07:13:39: I have been riding this Red Line for over 5 years and those 2 busted computer monitors are STILL next to the tracks at Brookland Ave #wmata
  • 12:05:06: Act like what you want to be, not what you are. Soon you will become that person without realizing it.
  • 13:40:58: I really dislike pullover hoodies. They are like uncool sweaters attached to tasers that turn your hair into Yahoo Serious.
  • 16:10:53: @onezumi I am so telling my wife some weird webcomic lady is sending me pictures of boobs. You'll be in trouuuuubblllle.... :D
  • 16:12:17: @ninjacooter DOO EET! I'd join you if I wasn't already working on a book.
  • 16:13:43: @apeyanne I wish I could tell my
    iPhone I rarely, if ever, use the word "wad" especially as a verb.
  • 16:17:13: RT @Glark: My local supermarket needs sensitivity training. http://yfrog.com/emalqwj
  • 16:53:33: @BatteryOperated does she look like a lump of smoldering coal ala "Time Bandits?"
  • 16:54:00: RT @jessepopp: My new character, Every Person Who Buys a Used Bookstore: "Now I can bring my cats to work!"
  • 17:06:10: @BatteryOperated oh hells yeah!! Love being a bumper, er bouncer with yer hubby.
  • 18:14:54: This is a Limited Edition tweet. Collect them all!
  • 21:13:08: Something you don't want to hear, "you better eat that before it crawls away..."

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