punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-22-2010

  • 00:27:58: RT @pattonoswalt: #alzheimerrapper Put yo hands in the air if...wait, why you motherfuckers surrendering to me?
  • 07:19:23: "Come on babe, why don't we paint the town...I'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down..."
  • 07:30:47: On RedLine train just after Brookland Ave, halted on tracks for 5 min, no reason given #wmata
  • 07:52:36: Power in the building keeps flickering. Did I mention when the power goes out, all the exits signs and stairwell lights go off, too?
  • 07:53:05: @missievondragon In my defense, Hillary Duff's new single is pretty catchy.
  • 08:12:21: Nobody knows what's going on. Power still comes on and off randomly. I am on the data center UPS power, so still have Internet.
  • 08:14:43: RT @nathaliehilliot: RT @arngrim The Oleson Mercantile was constructed of basal wood, construction paper & 4,897 sticks of Land o' Lakes ...
  • 08:20:01: RT @wilw Rumors I am trying out for the role of Adric in the next season of Dr. Who are unfounded; I just dig khaki tunics, okay? #fakeRT
  • 09:05:31: Power restored. There were some power circuits tripping. Building management "sifting clues."
  • 09:06:28: In other news, "Horrea Piperataria" is Latin for "Pepper Warehouse." It also sounds like an awesome steampunk character.
  • 10:10:13: @fuzzface01 I think you should. I mean, who cares about being Mayor of your local Wendy's or whatever?
  • 16:54:21: @BatteryOperated I work with a guy who uses wire cutters to do that. And he sucks noisily on toothpicks. Talks REAL LOUD on phone. Fail.
  • 20:17:17: This is why science exists: so we can catapult teeny, tiny pies at bugs and film it slow motion http://t.co/shveICt (4 my friends @beefolks)
  • 20:32:11: Remember that dream you had in the 80s about the singer from Supertramp jogging in a loincloth in a storm? IT WAS REAL! http://t.co/nZbIeio

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