punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-26-2010

  • 00:40:01: Paid the bills, tightening our belts until the 5th.
  • 07:52:31: RT @emile_husson: Just found out that someone needs blood every 2.5 seconds. I'm envious, cause I need it all the time.
  • 10:43:54: OH from 4-year old on Trick-or-Treating: "If people don't give superheroes candy, they won't save their lives when the EVIL ROBOTS COME!"
  • 10:48:44: I try not be be negative in my tweets but, folks, I feel like bloaty doo-doo right now.
  • 11:01:05: @ejacqui "Rashers of Sinfully Mouthwatering Bacon" was the name of my Dropkick Murphys cover band.
  • 11:02:46: @Arngrim You should secretly sign them with hidden messages. When I worked at a book store here, we had some authors do that. Ninja signing.
  • 11:04:52: @Glark In Greenwich Village, you don't even need the "l" in "flag."
  • 11:12:50: @Arngrim "Help I am being held prisoner in a book binding factory!" or "On certain nights, this book gives you secret frog-like powers..."
  • 11:16:28: @Arngrim Or, "To the former abused child who finds this: we hear you. Come find us, we're looking for you and can help. Bring cookies."
  • 14:29:10: Trolley is now finished with better ending, & Punkie chats with celebrities : http://t.co/TezpmxC (thanks for brightening my day, @Arngrim!)
  • 14:48:51: @StyxNStones So, all you are saying... is give peas a chance?
  • 14:54:00: [sigh].... RIP paper shredder. While that is a TERRIBLE pun, it's true, my paper shredder died horribly last night.
  • 16:49:51: On the advice of Stephán, I am going to "GOOSCHE" because I want to see the biscuit-kneed kid on the Slip-and-Slide.
  • 17:36:55: @ninjacooter and now my master plan is complete... [lightning flash]
  • 19:36:22: Wow. "Sweet Transvestite" makes good R&B/Gospel. Who knew?
  • 19:39:31: PG-ifying the Rocky Horror Show, however, is an abomination.

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