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"Live PC care" - please do not install crap on your computer just because someone told you to

So, last night, I was on my cell phone with a friend of mine who's mother died. I got an incoming call which I ignored. Later, I saw they left voice mail. It went something like this:

"Hello, this is Sandra from Live Care PC. I am calling in regards to your case ID VIR-34629. Your manager said you need to install the Live Care update on all the work laptops in accordance with your contract. We set up an URL [http blah blah slash blah]. If you need further help, call me back at [blah blah extension blah]. Thank you."

I deleted it as a wrong number. I have been getting a lot of wrong numbers recently for someone named "Don" or "Dan," which it seems is some kind of motivational speaker/aerobics instructor. Most are just solicitations for events, or "in accordance with your contract, we have decided to agree to your terms, please call Tim or myself back at the office number..." kind of returned calls. I delete them, as I do not know his real number and I don't return calls from people I don't know. So I thought Don/Dan had some computer issue, and I didn't care.

Well, it turns out this is a new scam spreading like crazy. Basically, this is a Spyware company that infects your computer with pop-ups and false alerts about how you're infected with something made-up.


Then they hold your computer hostage for money, which they just steal.
Tags: scam, virus, warning, windows
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