punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 06:29:35: More and more, trollish operators are closing doors at Vienna with no warning, chimes, or announcements. Just suddenly shut and go. #wmata
  • 06:36:29: @madtad1 you should have seen the sloppy evidence we removed from WorldWar2 films. Uh, I mean... guy's nuts. Loch Ness Monster never existed
  • 07:54:45: "I promise to hit you harder than anyone else on your team, because I'd never insult you by going easy." - Line from Derby Wife contract
  • 08:02:24: RT @FakeWMATAAlerts: Passengers on Red Line report a "funky smell" at Union Station. George Clinton dispatched to investigate. #wmata
  • 11:39:33: Stoicism is not what you think. Parallels between Stoicism and Zen Buddhism http://t.co/u3uwQ3W
  • 16:11:45: I never used to get dry skin :/
  • 16:14:30: "Suspicious Package" shuts down Federal Center. Blue/Orange Line commute about to get complicated. #wmata
  • 16:39:07: Just saw someone take Dramamine due to the terrible train driving #wmata
  • 16:53:29: Wow, people are MEAN today on the metro; almost saw two fights break out so far. D: #wmata

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