punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 08:16:26: I want to wish an Early Hippo Birdy to Gwen, who has a birth date that leaves me jealous.
  • 08:17:37: RT @Beq: I have catatonia:. Defined as.: the inability to move because of cats.
  • 09:50:08: @onezumi @RubyCosmos Once at a VA Beach con, many people got mad at me shouting lines during RHPS. "If you don't like the movie, leave!" Heh
  • 09:53:31: @onezumi "Shhh! What is it with you and necks? And Susan Sarandon is NOT a bitch, she's VERY NICE!" LOL
  • 09:54:55: @onezumi @RubyCosmos The people who got the angriest? Our Japanese guests. "Is hard enough English to listen. Then you yell! Rude..."
  • 11:05:18: Against my better judgment, I am doing NaNoWriMo this year: http://t.co/5sqT7op
  • 12:02:22: Haven't written checks in a while; it's amazing (in a good way) how fast they clear these days.
  • 13:18:32: Catching up on a lot of mail today.
  • 13:29:55: @WillieOleson @Arngrim Best insult ever. I am going to use it all weekend.
  • 15:32:14: via @TheOnion - Townsfolk Strongly Prefer Man's Werewolf Incarnation http://t.co/dM3nDsc
  • 16:00:23: RT @drgridlock: MARC trains 894 and 880 are being held near Rockville bc of disabled freight train, Metro will take tix: http://wapo.st/ ...
  • 16:03:51: I have seen this northbound freight train stuck on the tracks since lunch. Screwing #MARC commuters. Wonder how this will affect #wmata ?
  • 16:08:43: Good lord, on my commute, I was hit by a tsunami of boredom and ennui. Quick, someone tweet me something interesting that's not a link!
  • 16:41:58: @AUSA_Chair I will be at AUSA!
  • 16:47:38: Y'all sucked at entertaining me. Only the fine folks at @AUSA_Chair care about me...
  • 16:54:35: @AUSA_Chair who do you think the "team of Kabuki Ninjas" are in our Twitter feed? Safety in pretend numbers, man!
  • 17:02:57: @katsucon try and FIND me in all that UNFINISHED LAUNDRY!
  • 17:06:14: @katsucon and by "dishes" you mean Ramune bottles, pizza boxes, and STICKY FACEPAINT STAINED HOODS!
  • 17:51:34: @StyxNStones @limbsakimbo She should do yours every bout :D
  • 17:58:01: @katsucon I can no longer deny the rumors, and don't wait up.
  • 18:02:17: @katsucon NOOO! Not @angryzenmaster, he'll draw puppycow and get grape jelly on everything! You can't!
  • 18:07:38: @katsucon ... [sigh]... you win. I'll be home soon.
  • 18:12:17: @katsucon I can't believe you dragged @rubycosmos, @ChrisImpink, @angryzenmaster and @onezumi into this. Dag. You're always so embarrassing!
  • 18:33:08: @katsucon I'm running away to @grayhawk's house!!! You'll be sorry!
  • 23:54:03: I should be sleeping but I had loads of dishes and some laundry to do.

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