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From Twitter 10-30-2010

  • 07:40:15: On my way to rally. I will be so moderate, it will bore the paint of a Zen Buddhist temple
  • 08:06:41: Traffic into the Vienna Metro is already bad. Hope we find parking.
  • 08:11:46: The pedestrian bridges are already packed with lines, for what not sure yet (farecards or just to get in?)
  • 08:20:03: Got parking! Got in! Lines go around the station on both sides down the block for Farecards! IT PAYS TO PREPARE! on train now :D
  • 08:23:12: Many rumors abound that only way into rally is via 7th. Getting off at Smithsonian then...
  • 09:00:17: @pdxwy I will be with Bomb Shelter Radio, not sure where that is as they moved us, but I am wearing an Ars button on my RollerGirl jacket
  • 09:01:37: Stuck a McPherson Sq, downed car at Metro Center already (stuck door) #wmata
  • 09:39:31: AT&T signal a dead zone near press area
  • 11:43:54: Cannot find Bomb-Shelter-Radio area. Crowd too packed. Not even sure this tweet got out.
  • 11:54:59: Sadly, we had to abort the rally. Crowd too dense, no cell signal, couldn't see anyone through signs, crowd too loud to hear PA system. :(
  • 11:58:16: Wow, just wow. Glad I went, but even happier to be on way home. Apologies to #BSR, we just could NOT find or contact you. Not your fault. D:
  • 11:59:11: Passing metro trains STILL packed. http://flic.kr/p/8Pc6Da
  • 12:05:03: People are doing the "con elevator trick" with #wmata : going opposite way to eventually turn around just to GET on a train!
  • 12:06:52: Stuck at West Falls Church: platforms packed tight #wmata http://flic.kr/p/8PccCg
  • 13:16:02: @Glark she's buying us all puppies
  • 16:33:24: @wilw I saw at least TWO signs that said that at Rally to Restore Sanity. Someone must have a picture somewhere!
  • 16:45:37: Rogue and I podcast our adventure at Rally to Restore Sanity http://bit.ly/9iKne5
  • 16:52:47: Kieran reads "It's Okay to Be a Zombie" to Spike and me http://flic.kr/p/8Pg9rr
  • 18:08:48: @RubyCosmos Friend of mine dropped her work pager in toilet. She said, "I had to ask myself, how much to I REALLY care about this company?"
  • 18:12:24: RT @mtnthunder: This is the America I love #rally4santiy
  • 20:40:53: Party central HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!
  • 20:54:03: RT @wilw: @paulandstorm If you put a Bourne shell to your ear you can hear /dev/dsp

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