punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-01-2010

  • 06:36:43: Total 2010 T&T head count is 32 kids, including Heare kids. Down a little from last year.
  • 06:37:11: RT @onezumi: I AM SO MAD I PAID TO SEE SAW 3D SO MAD
  • 06:39:48: RT @pattonoswalt: Just put on my famous "Manhattan Mummy" costume. Also, I'm out of toilet paper.
  • 06:44:01: Orange Line is packed more than a pillowcase of candy after 3 hours of trick or treating in the rich neighborhood. #wmata
  • 06:45:41: Oh, and Happy New Year to my witchy-poo friends! #Samhain
  • 07:20:53: @BatteryOperated how did we BOTH end up with an excess of those passes? I blame myself for taking too many because they're free at Safeway.
  • 07:22:45: @DeathStarPR Kamino always sounds like a Korean knock-off of an American sports car to me.
  • 12:56:31: I have heard very odd distant but loud horns blowing. Last time I heard these sounds, I was in San Jose near the San Andreas fault.
  • 14:32:54: Pulled out a server that had been in use for 7+ years: RAM not properly secured, plus cardboard "please remove" insert still in CPU2 slot.
  • 15:05:03: #nanowrimo seems to be down, so you'll have to take my bash "wc -w" command as official: 2981 words so far.
  • 15:18:44: @Dragondazd I did. I got too jealous of everyone else doing it! :D
  • 15:30:36: RT @rawrtwisted: It'd be awesome if NaNoWriMo.org would stop crashing so I could update my word count.
  • 15:32:09: @Balticon I hope I can, too. If anything for the snazzy recording studio with its own fireplace.
  • 18:31:54: A snake, A SNAKE! [#rally4sanity sign] http://i.imgur.com/y3wkD.jpg
  • 19:13:14: He orders a drink. A tachyon particle walks into a bar.
  • 19:33:26: @NaNoWriMo I am disappoint. >:-|
  • 21:22:33: @ninjacooter "If you don't put out... he don't get out!"

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