punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-02-2010

  • 07:12:13: Remember to vote and vote WTF? on Prop 1069: http://bit.ly/c5bk0U
  • 07:14:13: Today took a rapid left turn in my plans. I am voting today, but spending part of the day in Cloud City with Lando Calrissian, apparently.
  • 08:36:07: Ah, that's right. As daylight savings time approaches, the firmware on the tape drive still thinks it's pre-Bush DSLT. #fail
  • 11:37:37: At Cloud City: Lando is happy; he just bartered a deal to keep the Empire out of his business for a long time. Wonder with who?
  • 16:16:10: Lando better have a good deal with the Empire; I bumped into some Stormtroopers in the Bespin men's room. What are they doing here?
  • 16:53:22: My family voted. Only about 600 people voted when I went there at like 4. Usually it's in the thousands, but may pick up later.
  • 20:16:05: So, after I left Bespin, I get this alert Lando said the Empire took control of the Cloud City; told everyone to leave? Can anyone confirm?

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