punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-04-2010

  • 07:46:11: Red Line is poopie again; does the reason even matter anymore? #wmata http://flic.kr/p/8QExMn
  • 07:49:42: Sometimes I wonder if the fine folks at the @Balticon and @nerdist podcasts are part of a larger deux ex machina for my writing career :)
  • 12:44:44: Had my very first Chicha Limeña. Takes like grape-flavored glögg. Uff da, mang.
  • 13:11:56: @guantanamobabe Congratulations! "If a dead man can do it, it ain't behavior. And if a dead man can't do it, then it is behavior" :P
  • 16:05:51: Ugh, my car #4081 reeks like a moldy gym sock soaked in Lemon Pledge :( #wmata
  • 16:11:14: Dump math; embrace computer technology as hard as you do your Legos and D&D. It does get better; stay with fandom! #tweetyour16yearoldself
  • 16:14:30: Your parents cannot be redeemed. It was never your job and nothing was ever wrong with you. Be with small kids more. #tweetyour16yearoldself
  • 16:49:59: AT&T "service" is a joke.
  • 21:04:23: Two more podcasts down, thanks to @pfischer and @Balticon for their hospitality! :)
  • 21:19:23: I also got some nifty, yet lonely stuff that needs a home, and I have a home to give it to! Yay for transporting charity!

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