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From Twitter 11-08-2010

  • 07:28:22: RT @WillieOleson: Man on talking box has got 99 problems but none involving a female dog. If he had 101 problems then, yes, all those pr ...
  • 07:30:15: RT @badbanana: Back from our annual Cold War reenactment. I was the red telephone.
  • 08:08:09: I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. It is the little death that brings total obliteration. - Old Bene Gesserit saying
  • 14:20:06: It's the calories, stupid: nutritionist eats Twinkies and junk food for 10 weeks, loses weight, lowers cholesterol http://bit.ly/dyTehR
  • 18:13:49: @XaleD how about me? My birthday is on the 14th!
  • 19:52:39: @XaleD The it. I no get.
  • 20:00:08: @XaleD I turn 42. Life, Universe, and Everything. :)
  • 20:43:38: RT @sucittaM: If you love something, set it free. If it mauls you as soon as it's released, stop loving crazy shit.
  • 20:44:05: RT @badbanana: Stopped by Target. They already have their decorations up for Christmas 2013.
  • 20:44:24: RT @Just_Alison: Bedbugs wouldn't scare me so much if I could buy tiny hats for them on Etsy.

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