punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-09-2010

  • 08:00:07: @RobinLBernstein SFO should use that; "Caution, contents may have shifted during fight."
  • 08:05:08: RT @Balticon: New Podcast: BC44.96 – PAOLO BACIGALUPI – 2010 COMPTON CROOK AWARD WINNER - http://tinyurl.com/26jc284
  • 10:45:27: I have been busy... not writing: http://t.co/dDu1eaS
  • 11:05:19: Background music for today: Okinawan band I have never heard of, but one of the top in Japan, and a future guest for you-know-where ;)
  • 11:09:09: Literally, @takayla and I are understanding the, "But we're big in Japan!" strangeness. Kawaisa!!
  • 11:12:41: When J-Pop tries to use English, it's odd. This lyric, "But shine on, oh shine on, shine on!" sounds like "Vagina, vagina, vagina!" Hah.
  • 14:21:51: I'm actually sad that I just closed our last Red Hat 3.0 box (upgraded them to 5). It's been a wild ride, Red Hat...
  • 14:30:12: @dc_rollergirls any idea WHERE they will host it in Baltimore? I heard rumors their normal rink can't take the crowds for Regionals.

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