punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-10-2010

  • 17:05:29: RT @pattonoswalt: An anti-joy gun would emit calliope music.
  • 17:07:18: @pattonoswalt Are you in a hotel on River St in New Orleans? Man, like 4-5 times a day that damn steamboat hooted ear-raping acoustic pain.
  • 17:10:05: @Arngrim why? Court order?
  • 17:12:50: Today, my RHCT expires. Been a great 5+ years, but I can't afford the $750 exam fee to re-up. Anyone got spare exam vouchers?
  • 17:48:42: @BatteryOperated I still want to scream "Booo-urns!" there, ala The Simpsons. In other news, I am 12.
  • 17:49:05: @FakeWMATAAlerts I knew it!
  • 17:52:06: I am working @katsucon at @AUSA_Chair this weekend over my birthday. That's dedication. I demand cake.
  • 19:54:10: RT @chrisatyoursix: Its sad that I can identify 4000 series cars by the opacity of their windows. #wmata

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