punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-11-2010

  • 07:23:04: @AUSA_Chair you don't have to be crazy to want that, but it helps.
  • 07:37:52: RT @pattonoswalt: "Always there are four -- a Gladys Knight, and three Pips." -- Yoda, stoned.
  • 07:38:23: @ninjacooter welcome home!
  • 07:39:44: @SethMacFarlane you could always confuse it with lycanthropy; I did for years. Can silver bullets cure Lupus?
  • 10:18:17: I will repeatedly sing this at #AnimeUSA until someone gives me cake to stop. http://bit.ly/pinkfluffy :P
  • 10:26:29: "It's a UNIX system! I know this!" - Lex
  • 10:27:59: @XaleD @anushin Your good looks and piles of cash. And the fact you turned me down when I asked for your hand. My do you tease me so?
  • 10:29:05: It's Thursday, which means @AUSA_chair has just been informed of at least 10 things the hotel said is not in their contract.
  • 10:35:33: @Sylvin Be careful; he's a vet tech. He might apply ear medicine to you while two other people hold you down to a table.
  • 11:15:13: Red Hat just sent me a farewell letter. "Your RHCT will be considered non-current on January 9, 2011." Awwww... :(
  • 11:16:14: Red Hat also says, "we will no longer offer the ...RHCT. We are launching a new certification, RHCSA in its place." FML...
  • 11:37:31: @fuzzface00 I have spilled a lot of C8H10N4O2 myself...
  • 11:57:42: I got acne-coverup medicine IN MY EYE OWWWW OWWWWW!! It BURNS!
  • 12:21:03: @WillieOleson Draw the collections of things that get stuck in @NellieOleson's hair.
  • 13:23:07: What next, ban Crossanwiches, declaring a "Burger King" with a crescent would undermine democracy with Islam? http://bit.ly/dk2xZg
  • 13:23:46: I have just been reminded of this from my last Tweet: http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/35
  • 14:52:56: OH: "If you're carrying cookies around toddlers, they'll follow you around like a fart in a space suit."
  • 17:15:41: RT @onezumi: When people refer to gadgets as "sexy"=kinda gross. Like a lonely boy w a digital coke bottle stuck to his junk. #barf
  • 17:18:15: And as if on cue, my iPhone headphones just died. Or at least the right earpiece. Like listening to AM transistor radio in 1976. 5th pair.
  • 17:33:18: This is why I never pay a lot for shoes or headphones: I go through $30 pairs just as fast as $100-200 pairs.
  • 17:58:31: @ivywillow that's the most important part.... next to the skull, I mean.
  • 18:00:24: @Sylvin then he'll force your jaw open, toss it in, and blow on your face. In other news, that usually costs 50 euros extra in Amsterdam.

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