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From Twitter 11-15-2010

  • 07:44:58: RT @oliviab33: dawned on me how far i've come these past few years, thanks so much everyone, you guys are fucking sweethearts.
  • 07:47:04: @AUSA_Chair thanks for the con, guys. Great vibe from crowd, I got a metric ton if Katsu work done, and I loved @XaleD's birthday cake!
  • 07:50:59: My birthday cake, courtesy of @xaled! http://flic.kr/p/8Tyvrz
  • 11:08:48: @HarrietOleson Ahem. I just weighed this "half pound" of sugared almonds you sold me on Doc Baker's scale, and it was only 6 ounces.
  • 11:42:41: Reasons I like working with the Gaylord: they will tell you that goat sacrifices will not incur a corkage fee, but housekeeping will. :P
  • 13:51:54: @fuzzface00 Well, for what? We need staff everywhere.
  • 13:54:51: Got my new @speckproducts iPhone "Holdster." Everything else Speck had done right by me, but this clips seems flimsy...
  • 14:37:02: I feel so safe in this building; these announcements happen every month http://flic.kr/p/8TDQyD
  • 14:51:14: @onezumi my house. :p
  • 16:25:03: If you're a professional actor/author/musician/whatever, don't wait a few months before an event to ask to be a guest. We book in advance.
  • 16:28:41: @onezumi Done.
  • 16:30:37: @RubyCosmos One of the top five terrible acronyms I have ever seen. They don't even capitalize half of it; lowercase = shame.
  • 17:09:54: @grayhawk @onezumi heck, I can get her webcomic printed on them from their online store.
  • 17:14:17: @onezumi the "Asians for Cartoon Hirohito" was a little extreme, though, when paired with the rising sun flag.
  • 17:37:08: @onezumi if I can make you say that at least once a month, I am doing a good job in yr education. Oh, that and Google "Disclave+sprinklers"
  • 17:38:27: Busted-ass train near Stadium Armory causing all kinds of buggery on the Orange Line #wmata
  • 17:57:54: @fuzzface00 be sure to mention to @onezumi, "Fuzz... this is Central... your table is on fire..." "Central... this is Fuzz... AAUUGHH!"
  • 18:00:05: @fuzzface00 if @onezumi follows one of us @interventioncon going, "Sm... smell my sneakers... do they smell BAD to you?" I am gonna lose it.

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