punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 11:51:49: I am so weak and dizzy; food hasn't helped. Just tired and exhausted; emotionally and physically spent. And I got a BIG weekend coming up...
  • 14:05:00: @StyxNStones I will do what I can; it's extra nice to be wanted :D [enjoy the movie]
  • 14:33:51: Fixed a Cisco Switch, and I get to keep it! I also fixed a [censored hardware] which I am giving to some special someones on Christmas.
  • 14:36:28: RT @postsecret (via @harpers) "11% of Americans under age 25 say they would read a text while having sex." Then they are doing it wrong!
  • 16:43:22: Peacherine Rag done by a "Beer Bottle Band." http://t.co/tywf2RT via @youtube
  • 17:50:39: @pattonoswalt I used to sing the original verses then. I filled in whatever Dr. Demento bleeped out. My version of Rodeo Song? Much better!
  • 17:52:13: @RubyCosmos hehhhe hehh hehhhe... you said "rectify"... Hehhe hehhhuh...
  • 23:19:00: @onezumi My arm still hurts, you wench! :P
  • 23:21:06: The kitchen smells of lemons and green, gooey nuclear waste.
  • 23:22:44: I can't stand one hit wonders that had good pop dance numbers, and then ruin it with genetic ballad poetic-wannabe crap.
  • 23:24:03: Incidentally, "Poetic Wannabe Crap" was the name of a former art nouveau Japanese tea house I used to own. Pronounced "Wah-NAH-bay..."
  • 23:25:56: @ninjacooter I blame the schools...
  • 23:28:51: The long Katsucon Skype call ended. After a long, brutal all-out brawl, we now know what color the tablecloth will be at the staff dinner.

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