punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-20-2010

  • 06:35:41: Slept 12 - 4:30. Been finishing a cake, hunting for DVDs, and doing housework. Less than 3 hours to drive to Katsumeeting.
  • 06:36:52: @StyxNStones I can't make it Sunday, but WE'LL TOTALLY THINK OF YOU GUYZ!!1! Will annoy other event I am attending. Little Scarlet sez HAI!
  • 09:46:35: @onezumi You will get it this weekend, Christine agreed to your stuff via FB, did you get it?
  • 09:48:01: Happy birthday @arockingroupie !!! You a teenager yet??
  • 15:27:19: I know convention meetings are necessary, but dayum these drag on.
  • 19:59:51: That meeting was so long, one of my department heads quit. Oh, what, too soon? (self-deprecating to the point self-flagellation)

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