punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 06:54:39: 25 years ago I was 17, and had no idea that Microsoft had released a GUI that would be 40% of my future career headaches.
  • 06:57:07: RT @hollymadison123: Sarah Palin's Alaska is putting me to sleep. The Girls Next Door Alaska episode was so much better. #NotFeelingModest
  • 08:40:56: Paid a "$4.00 #wmata toilet fee" aka with no public toilets, had to get off at UnionStation. Thankfully the Gate A restrooms have re-opened.
  • 08:44:17: @StyxNStones I missed seeing you guys, and can't make Dec 18th bout at this rate, either. Poop :(
  • 08:47:48: I take Dr Who too seriously. Was going to tweet joke about Daleks "exterminating" Mondays, then thought "oh no, they'd just hurt innocents."
  • 13:27:13: I have spent the better part of today packet capturing because some goon has an insecure web form spamming everybody in a Windows server :(
  • 13:39:17: Helvetica-raiser #fontmovies
  • 14:23:30: @onezumi she's @takayla but she rarely reads it. FB is her domain.
  • 15:21:17: @onezumi My son also has the same last name! So does the creator of The Far Side cartons (no relation). Huzzah!
  • 16:53:03: I am going to Hell for laughing at this, aren't I? http://i.imgur.com/NVkiU.jpg Or this? http://bit.ly/hU9fug
  • 19:20:32: RT @mljinpdx: My new dream job title is: Director of Rocket Science.

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