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Linux - How to get Gentoo "emerge system" status

Hey, if you're like me, then you know how impatient people like us can get frustrated when they don't know when the end of some long, boring compile is nearing an end. Well, thanks again to the always very helpful Gentoo forums, I learned where the emerge log was, and have a handy, dandy way to keep an eye on an emerge system build if you don't have an ssh connection:

1. Go to virtual terminal 2 (tty2) by hitting alt+cntl+F2
2. At the prompt, type tail -f /mnt/gentoo/var/log/emerge.log | grep 'emerge'
3. Here you'll get what build step you're on (like 108622108: >>> emerge (52 of 69) sys-apps/manpages-1.67 to /)

The "tail -f" is a command that will keep an updated output as the emerge log changes, and "grep" filters out the word "emerge" in this case.
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