punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-09-2010

  • 11:03:11: Definition of a wasted weekend coming up: James Burke's "Connections" now all on Youtube. http://tinyurl.com/339yakq
  • 11:04:53: I am working from home today: some stupid tart on the Metro ankle-checked me with her luggage and the swelling hasn't gone down for days.
  • 15:13:05: @RubyCosmos I've seen you in girly clothes before. I think a peach dress.
  • 15:15:25: RT @schneierblog: Department of Homeland Security Getting a Little too 1984ish: A DHS video message, reminding people to look out ... ht ...
  • 15:22:35: Clueless American reporter interviews Irish man who responds with words that your mother wouldn't approve of. Lang NSFW http://t.co/u1YaFiR

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