punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-13-2010

  • 08:53:22: IKEA to Phase out Incandescent Lighting in stores http://bit.ly/fwATQz [and thank goodness, because they had some weird-sized bulbs]
  • 09:07:20: The track, the track, the track is on fire! Metro Center reports "smoke on the trackbed." Your commute is Scrooged. #wmata
  • 10:12:42: Due a security error (?), I have been allowed access to a huge list of @RollerCon attendees, incl phone numbers and *bra size.* Um. Okay.
  • 10:18:32: @RollerCon, your data is safe with me, but you might want to change the Google Docs settings because if *I* have access, everyone else does.
  • 10:27:48: @Glark I was beginning to wonder if anyone was updating the leader board or if it was stuck on the last update.
  • 10:31:46: I love spelling accents. The Irish pronounce "paypoll" they don't "loik" as "eh harses ahss."
  • 10:33:20: @tracker_t 11 years is a good run for this life. At least I got to meet her and pet her a few times. I feel blessed. You have my sympathies.
  • 11:34:35: @pdxwy @bogo_lode No, it's a team roster based on bra size: big bewbs vs. little bewbs. Rollercon teams have a lot of themes like that.
  • 11:38:02: @pdxwy @bogo_lode Like "Star Wars" vs "Star Trek," "Duncan Donuts" vs. "Krispy Kreme," and "Short Bus" vs "Amazons" (short vs tall skaters).
  • 16:20:11: "... they make take our toast, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!!" http://flic.kr/p/91ECuv
  • 16:33:51: Do you realize most of the students in "The Wall," are now in their mid-late 40s? #Time
  • 17:25:51: Only 68 Katsucon mails to deal with. Down from 140 this morning. Trouble is, when you send mail, you get mail back. #Sisyphus
  • 19:42:01: @Arngrim That is epic. The picture with the wheelchair made me LOL, good call...
  • 19:54:40: RT @postsecret: The man behind WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, received the most votes for TIME's 2010 Reader's Choice Person of the Year.


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