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20 December 2010 @ 03:05 am
From Twitter 12-19-2010  

  • 12:22:15: Ankle still messed up; staying home. Thanks to EVERYONE that came to @takayla's party!
  • 15:48:16: Snippet too weird not to share. "I was fired by an Elvis impersonator over creative differences" http://bit.ly/id7vkq
  • 18:19:21: RT @capricecrane: Dance like nobody's watching...but not at funerals.
  • 18:20:41: RT @badbanana: And 23 light years away, a highly advanced alien civilization just discovered Spuds MacKenzie.
  • 20:41:19: The lesson tonight is that if your hamster is haunted, @kaiotte and @ninjacooter will not be supportive.
  • 20:47:26: "Special needs housing" is our new name for haunted houses.

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