punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-31-2010

  • 08:52:34: RT @WillemRB: Loading 2011... █████████████ 99%
  • 10:47:07: Any suggestions for my dog who is TERRIFIED of sudden loud noises, like fireworks on New Years? He's old, has weak heart.
  • 12:11:23: wanted let everyone know who invited us to New Year's how grateful and happy that made us. Health/money keeps us home but we love you much!!
  • 12:40:58: @ninjacooter After an M80 in your lady parts, I will remind you that whatever's left of you will be forced to clean the walls. :P
  • 18:14:25: is making more cookies (white choc/cranberry). Sadly, where the last batch was "dry and puffy," I seem to have overcompensated somehow.

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