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From Twitter 01-07-2011

  • 07:01:39: RT @SethMacFarlane: My house needs a few more gargoyles.
  • 07:54:06: The woman next to me has been cleaning the screen of her iPad incessantly. The spray she is using burns my sinuses.
  • 13:34:38: is amid a chaotic storm. Many unrelated things are changing in just the last 24 hrs. I couldn't tell you bad from good, and I am exhahausted
  • 16:29:28: RT @badbanana: Preparing for the weekend's big snowstorm by pruning the hedge maze.
  • 16:29:56: I just got picked up for a short story anthology; first in over 15 years. Real contract, actual money, credits, bio, whole thing. Hot damn.
  • 20:04:26: Mmmmbph! http://flic.kr/p/98mypX
  • 20:06:03: It's January, and I bet I know what you're thinking... EASTER BUNNY! http://flic.kr/p/98pJxN
  • 20:53:23: RT @grantimahara: There was a 4.1 earthquake in SF. I ate the Pocky in my emergency kit. Just in case. #imprepared
  • 20:56:56: RT @JennyJohnsonHi5: The reason little orphan Annie was an orphan was because she was a filthy, disgusting, devil, ginger that wouldn't ...
  • 21:59:53: The taco must flow... http://i.imgur.com/IrzhJ.jpg

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