punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 07:58:27: @pattonoswalt same as everything happens "for ten minutes" in your routines. :p
  • 07:59:22: RT @llcoolj: once insulted, The arrogant ego never heals.. It takes humility to get over an insult.
  • 08:00:42: @arockingroupie yay! You do your extended fannish family proud! :D
  • 08:03:41: Woman in seat in front of me keeps adjusting her scarf violently; whipping it into my face. Not awake enough to have mature confrontation :/
  • 08:04:33: "Hot patootie! Bless my soul..."
  • 08:30:00: @kittykatya I almost shouted "SAX! TEN TON HELMET! SPIN!"
  • 10:56:18: Some memories of good old Crown Books #854. http://j.mp/hoNkZT
  • 11:18:13: Irony. I just won 2 free tickets to this weekend's @dc_rollergirls match. I can't go, and even if I could, I get in free anyway.
  • 17:50:55: @gwenniepenny they do it for the attention and hopes someone does something to them: they are funded off lawsuits, apparently.
  • 21:56:24: RT @DougBenson: Attention Hotels: Everyone has shit they need to plug in these days. Don't put all the electrical outlets behind furnitu ...

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