punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 10:27:29: So sick. Thank goodness for cold meds, my chemical denial.
  • 13:16:16: Had 216 Katsu mails this morning. Now down to 163.
  • 13:29:45: @pattonoswalt God, I hate those too. I want to hold that kid's head in a rain barrel until the bubbles stop.
  • 14:43:49: Down to 110 Katsu mails. Of course, as I send them out, I get replies, which slows me down. I'd like to see a graph of that...
  • 16:26:13: When I die from the Martian Plague I have today, make sure my grave notes I spent my last hours replacing a SCSI backplane on a server.
  • 17:38:23: Spirits in the aether have told me my Super Martian Death Plague has claimed my assistant and possibly her assistant. It knows no decency.
  • 20:18:58: @ninjacooter THE SPICE MUST FLOOOOW!
  • 20:28:52: My disease is now been upgraded to the Zomg Sup4r M4rtian Deth Plehg. I am dying. Sean can have my stereo & Art of Noise record collection.
  • 20:50:52: Generic Double Stuf shows off my penny-pinching prowess http://flic.kr/p/9bFoQU
  • 20:52:05: My doggie has a sad... http://flic.kr/p/9bFpto
  • 20:55:59: @Glark Now in Nyquil flavor!
  • 20:58:13: @Glark Thankfully they come in Pepto Flavor for that as well. Come on, is it any worse than "XTREME RANCH?"

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