punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 08:49:25: The snow has stopped, but there is icy slush everywhere.
  • 09:21:14: @nerdist Your ongoing discussions on comedy and audience interaction reminded me of this. Robots doing comedy. http://on.ted.com/8rnS
  • 10:40:53: Inspector Blooper really was rockin' the "pinball flipper" mustache back in the day, wasn't he?
  • 14:03:03: OCD Fishstick Ikebana http://flic.kr/p/9dkoNg
  • 14:27:17: I wonder what happened to the first Orbit Gum 70s-tennis-model-looking girl (Vanessa Branch)? You think she asked for too much money?
  • 18:53:41: So true! http://i.imgur.com/Id9Wf.jpg
  • 18:55:38: I shoveled. The snow is wet and heavy, the worst kind next to powder and windy. Did whole driveway, you can't even tell an hour later.
  • 21:23:20: This is weird snow. It's sticking to the SIDE of things. I have 4-5" clinging to 90 deg vertical surfaces of our deck and brickwork,
  • 21:24:03: We have lost half of two trees. Our big 30' pine in the front of our house has fallen, missed our neighbor's house by mere inches.
  • 21:25:04: I can't afford a professional tree cutter; will have to saw the entire tree apart with a hand saw. This will SUCK. :(
  • 21:27:52: @VegyPower It's already on the ground. It can't fall any further.
  • 21:31:36: We lost most of our backyard dogwood. Drat, I liked that tree. At least that fell in OUR yard so there's no real urgency.

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