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01 February 2011 @ 03:04 am
From Twitter 01-31-2011  

  • 15:54:22: Borders book stores won't make January payments to vendors and aren't paying rent: http://t.co/MNzcv9q
  • 21:29:31: SUDDENLY, SINUS HEADACHE! ow ow ow ow... oh god ow...
  • 22:16:33: RT @funnyoneliners: "Did you hear about the paranoid dyslexic? He thought he was following someone.”
  • 22:28:34: RT @choochoobear: When comedy starts worrying about offending people, it's not comedy anymore. It's pandering.
  • 22:29:05: RT @Stepto: 1.31.07 never forget. http://bit.ly/fJ9aDs

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