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From Twitter 02-05-2011

  • 09:39:14: Jealousy does mean things to people. It's like pride's evil twin.
  • 09:40:21: RT @TaraAriano: Dog Shaming: http://bit.ly/hxWfL5
  • 15:07:10: Got good spots today: both sides of the dugout, break, then merch. Good day to be a bouncer #dcrg
  • 15:23:38: Seen @fuzzface01 and friends. Fuzz does not act threatened. He used to be my security boss c. Evecon 4/5, so it's ok. :D
  • 15:55:02: Minutes before @dc_rollergirls start, and the lines for entry still go outside and down to the curb. In cold drizzle, no less! AWESOME FANS!
  • 16:09:40: Dutchland Derby Rollers fans fade in comparison to the cheers of our all stars. #dcrg
  • 16:23:25: After a weak start, #dcrg All Stars are taking the lead jams. 10/16 Dutchland.
  • 16:27:16: Dutchland puts on their big girl pants and widens the gap: 15/30 with 15 min left #dcrg
  • 16:34:23: Yankee Scandal hits the floor harder that a slutty prom date after a good set of points. 27/36 Dutchland. #dcrg
  • 16:36:45: Chinese Checker closes the gap: 31/39 Dutchland with 8 min left #dcrg
  • 16:47:49: First bout over 42/51 Dutchland. All Stars could use some cheering up. Crowd going nuts for beer and hot dogs. #dcrg
  • 17:05:02: Second bout started 50/54 Dutchland. Like only 5 players on the track total. More penalties on both sides than I have ever seen. #dcrg
  • 17:16:31: Yankee Scandal adds 4 points! 62/77 Dutchland. Chinese Checker has been ejected for too many accumulated penalties. Boo, hiss. :( #dcrg
  • 17:21:56: Dutchland fans are so cool and calm; one's solving a Rubiks cube! #dcrg http://flic.kr/p/9fSTyR
  • 17:29:43: Ugh, my heart is breaking. Scandal got an elbow to the face. EMT on call. 64/101 Dutchland #dcrg
  • 17:31:39: Yankee, how's the snozz? :( #dcrg http://flic.kr/p/9fW7iL
  • 17:34:23: Gun-Her-Down also ejected: too many penalties :( Oy. 77/101 Dutchland #dcrg
  • 17:35:10: 1:45 to go, 79/104 Dutchland. Pray for a miracle. #dcrg
  • 17:37:54: Awww NUTS! Final score, 82/110 Dutchland. #DCRG All Stars worked hard for those points!
  • 18:25:14: Second bout: Cherry Blossom Bomshells vs DC Demoncats. 41/6 DCD with 16:00 on the clock. #dcrg
  • 18:43:40: Wow, this score is more lopsided than the Titanic: 68/32 DCD into second half. #dcrg
  • 19:18:22: 10 min on the clock, 107/55 DCD. My beautiful Bombshells! Nooooooooo! #DCRG
  • 22:42:31: @StyxNStones AWESOME boots at the bout, btw.

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