punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend Wrapup - Party

We had a party on Saturday. It was one of Christine's big parties she has a few times a year, and while we invited a lot of people, only a few showed up this time. It's been a bad month for some of our friends. Two sets of couples were unable to go due to a serious illness in the family, one had to go to a wedding of her brother's fraternity brother (she ditched that and joined us later), and other people had various issues. But that was okay, we did still manage to have a lot of people over.

The first part was the Partylight Candle party our friend Moria was hosting. It was a success, but not many people stayed for the party part afterwards (many were friends and relatives of friends, who came only because someone knew them). But afterwards, we had Missie, Sara, Nate, Jen, BJ, Cjae, Sean, and Louann. We drank, played "Apples to Apples," "Lunch Money," and "Fluxx." Christine went to bed early (11:30), but I stayed up late until 4am, having neat talks with Missie, Sara, Sean, and Louann.

All Sunday, I set up a small Red Hat server group for the heavy week coming up.

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