punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 08:08:39: Red Line FUBAR. Not sure what's up. #wmata
  • 08:11:04: LED sign went from 1 min to ARR to BRD with no train in sight. What fiction runs those things? #wmata
  • 08:13:48: I must have passed the tweeted Rosslyn train fire by less than 5 min. *whew* #wmata
  • 08:19:51: @SuperArtFight since when has SAF "recorded from an earlier broadcast?" Its always been live for me -- *gasp* WERE THOSE REENACTMENTS???
  • 08:21:59: RT @DeathStarPR: Midi-chlorians: they climbin' in yo windows & snatchin' yo people up so hide yo kids, hide yo wife cuz they're rapin' e ...
  • 10:26:39: @gwenniepenny According to my dad's cub reporter wife, drink wine, look at art, sit on a boat, and own cats.
  • 10:28:56: @gwenniepenny There is Legoland and I think the San Andreas fault runs through there...
  • 10:34:36: @gwenniepenny I hear a lot of cat owners say that, but truthfully, cats have no concept of property unless you're Baron Von Shakymouse.
  • 17:39:13: Guy next to me is reading Enders Game. There was a time when one could say "Hi," to a fellow reader and know they were also a fellow geek.
  • 17:54:06: Phrase now itching to use: "nineteen-oh-who-gives-a-shit" RT @Oatmeal: What I want from a restaurant website http://bit.ly/dY1DcP
  • 17:56:57: @Oatmeal I work at an ISP that hosts these. Most site designers wouldn't know usability even if it contained the live-giving antidote.

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