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From Twitter 02-09-2011

  • 06:11:02: @ChrisImpink what can we do to help?
  • 06:11:41: RT @danieltosh: hot ladies: please post a video of you burping online (tag tosh.0 burp) for next week's show. remember, an ohio 10 is ju ...
  • 06:11:58: RT @demandprogress: WHOA: The House vote to extending the PATRIOT Act just failed by a couple votes. _Your calls made the difference!_
  • 06:17:34: RT @Emperor_Bob: The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down. ~ A. Whitney Brown
  • 08:43:43: Saw big cat. That is all. http://i.imgur.com/BjVRg.jpg
  • 08:44:42: listening to The Curse Of Millhaven by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on @Grooveshark: http://t.co/3pu93Tc
  • 09:30:22: @metro_man 1975 called. Wants its bathroom decor back. :P
  • 09:33:43: @metro_man I'm only misty-eyed because the "Avocado" was my mother's favorite appliance color. Big fan of Klee art. My mom WAS that decor.
  • 09:37:43: @metro_man That's got to be awkward. "Hi mom, gotta drop a deuce, bye mom..."
  • 09:40:29: @metro_man later that night: "Honey? Who dropped off a pudding bomb and ate half my Nutter Butters?"
  • 09:47:59: listening to Leave It by Yes on @Grooveshark: http://t.co/4tIAF1l
  • 09:57:42: @metro_man NICE. My bathrooms are all the size of port-a-potties in my "spacious" 4BR home; I have so little to work with.
  • 11:46:06: FIRS recognizes Roller Derby official discipline: one step closer to the Olympics? http://t.co/KA8XkfB
  • 15:24:41: You ever watch a film so horribly bad, you want to personally shame the writers in some exaggerated way to demonstrate what bad writing is?
  • 15:26:08: I just saw a film so bad, I got goosebumps after 5 minutes because I could predict their lines like those written by 1970s HB cartoons.
  • 15:27:52: "Where are we...?" "Who landed this shuittelcraft?" "It wasn't me!" "Luckily this planet has breathable atmosphere." GAAAH!
  • 15:29:58: Poor God. To be fair, if up against this panel, I am sure anything I said would sound like bulls**t, too. http://tinyurl.com/4ew9pos
  • 15:42:25: Ah, the chair team mailing alias: taking about underwear on their heads is like school in the summer. NO. CLASS. :D :P #CosbyKidsReference
  • 15:50:03: The Shame Hat http://t.co/8RoMGRl
  • 18:58:50: I'm in a sports bar during happy hour many drunks I AM OUT OF MY ELEMENT ABORT ABORT!! i can't even tell what hockeyball pennant is playing
  • 19:08:20: What are you doing now? @ninjacooter and I are discussing deep frying a blotter of LSD.
  • 21:26:01: How can I get "permission denied" on my own home folder? I have been chmod'ding in my sleep again, haven't I?
  • 21:27:51: Am I the only one who sees a zombie process in top and says, "BRAAAINS!" Stupid Prune Bran, you ruined my precious mental associations!
  • 21:29:00: My best line in Prune Bran: Rod Serling saying, "Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies..."
  • 21:30:05: Half of Sgt Pepper could have been a Twilight Zone line from Rod Serling: "For the benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight..."
  • 21:33:04: Dear Gods, Rod Serling even talked like that in interviews! http://t.co/eeR9S3A

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