punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 12:08:15: @onezumi @RubyCosmos @impink @kittykatya @angryzenmaster @KATSUCON @fuzzface01 I'll be SO BUSY at con, but will try to make an appearance.
  • 12:34:12: @onezumi @angryzenmaster @RubyCosmos I think ya'lls tables are in the same area, too. You can share germs, toss paper balls at each other.
  • 14:04:17: Why I am going with a small publisher: http://t.co/kYudBUl
  • 14:16:15: Free cookie day at wor--OM NOM NOM NOM!!!
  • 14:17:06: Yay, new system build order. I know two kids who will get a lesson in computer building soon mwah ha ha...
  • 14:18:13: @pattonoswalt You're a sick, twisted man, sir. This is probably why I subscribe to your newsletter.
  • 14:21:15: @RubyCosmos John Astin? I had one, "but I'm feeling much better now..."
  • 14:23:25: Like King Xerxes, this is both awesome and terrifying: http://is.gd/ubt1Yl [cupcake flavored toothpaste] #NotRecommendedByDentists
  • 14:30:29: My Twitter stopped making nice with my Facebook feed.
  • 14:41:50: Grammar lesson http://i.imgur.com/Z7esG.jpg
  • 16:49:24: RT @badbanana Mubarak would like everyone to know he's now available to oppress people at weddings and birthday parties.
  • 17:18:39: @metro_man loser gets... chili! How *can* you lose???
  • 17:58:13: "You see, when I said 'We' were to return to Transylvania, I referred only to Magenta and myself..."

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