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From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 06:52:02: The direct approach in advertising works best http://i.imgur.com/AYnKQ.jpg [NFSW: F-bomb]
  • 08:04:07: Awaiting tree cutters... stupid emo pine...
  • 08:54:32: Tree mostly gone now. All that's left is a lot of firewood and a ragged stump. The stump grinding "happen sometime, today maybe."
  • 08:58:49: I find "Enlightenment" (e16) to be a very confusing desktop. I am using it on an old box until my power supply gets fixed.
  • 09:54:06: Changed desktop on e16. Apparently you just dump images into ~./e16/backgrounds/ to add them to the list. Like old school Windows Fonts.
  • 09:58:03: Gave cats catnip just because. "Woah... my paws are like... HUGE!" - Taboo
  • 09:58:50: @ejacqui Didn't that cause a riot scene in one of the "Airplane!" movies?
  • 10:22:34: My @Balticon guest status confirmed. I know I have been a panelist for years, and now I do the Balticon Podcast... but still... squeeee!
  • 11:00:29: Management: Where your lack of planning DOES become my emergency. :(
  • 12:00:00: @mc_vibraphone Nah, Seattle.
  • 13:19:46: I noticed this too... http://tinyurl.com/6hajeyl
  • 13:24:05: Out of all the things I am stressed about, @Katsucon is rather low on the list. Maybe I'm too stupid to know better.
  • 13:25:34: Still no word on when someone is coming to drill out the stump or pick up the check. They better come soon...
  • 20:27:34: I AM IN A SPORTS BAR AGAIN!! how does this happen? totally not me. MOAR ONION RINGZ for my people CLAP CLAP!! ... watching hockeyball...
  • 20:50:31: RT @hughhefner: A lot of people seem to be confusing Reality TV with reality. They're really not the same.
  • 21:04:16: fried shrimp is soooo last order WHEREZ MAH BOORGAR?? who is winning the tall dude basket game? MOAR SPRITE!
  • 23:38:44: Lying in bed in post-Burger and Sprite coma...

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