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From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 13:36:07: RT @katsucon: "I once gave a pile of $20 bills to a webcomic artist, and I won the lottery the very next day." - Some guy we know
  • 13:41:38: @williambwest I have been in fandom since 1984, have been married 22 years, and have a son. LOTS of hooking up happens at cons. LOTS ;)
  • 13:43:38: @williambwest it has been a manga staple since they were printed in color.
  • 14:33:42: @onezumi I think she's at lunch. I will text her
  • 16:26:13: @katsucon what happened to the last pony we gave you?
  • 17:02:44: @onezumi WE LOVE WEB COMIX!! and their crazy drunken artists BUT WHY'S THE RUM GONE???#Katsucon
  • 17:15:43: There are a lot of us in Hawaiian shirts right now...
  • 17:19:04: @katsucon no more ponies for YOU!
  • 18:30:57: I am dining with Chris and Greg Ayers along with Yunmao's entire entourage, but the best is my wife and son. I LOVE MY FAMILY MWAH!!
  • 18:33:52: @RubyCosmos I went to work with my @interventioncon badge.
  • 18:56:51: It's weird when famous people want photo ops with YOU. I am so sorry my ugly puss in now circulating among higher quality photo subjects.
  • 19:08:48: "Running nudity is not pornographic or sexy, it's disaster movie!" - Greg Ayers
  • 19:17:48: @RubyCosmos Yunmao, the Ayers brothers so far.

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