punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-01-2011

  • 07:11:31: We were just hit from behind in traffic. So far, no damage to either vehicle (or people). Pictures taken, insurance exchanged anyway.
  • 08:21:39: Good timing: Metro pulls into Brookland/CUA while my iPhone plays Tom Lehrer's "Vatican Rag." #wmata
  • 08:43:53: RT @sillyKris: #wmata, I've downloaded a twitter client just so I can decry your failings as a transit system.
  • 08:51:07: Rogue and Punkie's second Podcast: http://fb.me/AHxhhXw5
  • 10:05:25: @onezumi is awesome. Y'all should attend her con and junk... @interventioncon FTW!!
  • 10:22:41: Places I'd like to travel to this year: San Diego, NYC, Boston/Salem, UK. Places I can afford to travel to: about 200 meters to the left.
  • 10:30:56: Religion is for people who believe in hell, spirituality is for people who have been there
  • 15:52:06: @grayhawk @ninjacooter I could have filled several hours. At least. Easily.
  • 16:48:08: What class are you struggling with? http://i.imgur.com/IAPxd.jpg
  • 17:25:07: @Glark liar! You want all the walk for yourself! You greedy Canadians taking saunters from decent, hard working 'Mericans!
  • 17:30:29: Not sure which is worse; screaming toddler or parent shouting at screaming toddler to SHADDAP? Stay classy, Red Line riders! #wmata
  • 20:18:37: Thanks to @onezumi I will now use the phrase, "the interbutt is the future for indie creators..."

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