punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-07-2011

  • 06:37:43: It snowed last night??? http://flic.kr/p/9ouCwB
  • 08:22:00: @ivywillow we used to picture male cats that came to our door with a top hat and flowers. "Is the fine young yowling lady at home?"
  • 09:15:08: Thanks to @angryzenmaster , I want to have a Kung Fu marathon. Like the really, cheesy, violent, bad kind. In a run-down theater.
  • 09:17:30: @punkwalrus @angryzenmaster You think we could get a bunch of fans together at @interventioncon? We'd have to get @onezumi's permission.
  • 09:21:10: Light reading: The evolution of Metrorail, 1976-2010 - http://bit.ly/ffLcXj
  • 09:33:55: "Just what is in non-dairy creamer?" asked recent ad, then they bragged about real dairy in their stuff. Um, I use non-dairy for a reason.
  • 09:34:54: Bragging about real dairy for your non-dairy creamer needs is like having diabetic sugar-free candy "made with real cane sugar!"
  • 10:15:42: @onezumi @angryzenmaster The Licensing would be your department once Jamie knew what he wanted to show. Shaw Bros, Golden Harvest, etc?
  • 10:18:18: @angryzenmaster @onezumi I'd love to get something with Wong Fei-hung played by Kwan Tak-hing if that can even be found anymore.
  • 11:15:21: Ever have a lunch so good, you can't wait until lunchtime to eat it? I got leftover Chinese Food.
  • 11:17:21: Who was General Tso and why did he make delicious chciken? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Tso%27s_chicken
  • 11:43:37: Former Intercon employees hear some of Rogue's memories of the office and share some in the comments! http://bit.ly/gRUKVR
  • 11:47:01: "As American as apple pie? How often do you eat apple pie versus how much you eat Chinese food?" http://on.ted.com/8yV2
  • 13:55:19: @ninjacooter Y U no approve comments on your Podcast??
  • 13:56:59: @grayhawk @ninjacooter I think it depands which club, and which era. Like maybe it was $99 in some skank dive in '72.
  • 16:19:49: Gamarjobat: Awesome Japanese pantomime comedy http://t.co/L9vkxNz

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