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From Twitter 03-09-2011

  • 07:12:04: RT @TaraAriano: Seeing what's been "Recently Watched" on our Netflix Instant account is really giving me a window into how bored @Glark ...
  • 07:51:42: "Track Maintenance" symbol is a hammer and nail. This may explain why #wmata equipment is broke; who repairs their stuff, the Amish?
  • 07:53:49: "Jebidiah and Luke are settin' up them moving stairs that don't use a horse but the devil to drive it..." #wmata #AmishRepair
  • 07:56:44: RT @tracker_t: @punkwalrus no, they would do a better job. #wmata #AmishRepair ('tis true, that)
  • 09:33:07: You know you've been happily married a while when you respond aloud "love you, too" while listening to your wife's voicemail. :)
  • 09:57:59: RT @rainnwilson: Hey, just found out it's "Everybody go back to bed Wednesday"!
  • 14:06:00: @BatteryOperated The second sentence should be on a wall somewhere.
  • 15:17:31: Unlucky people... http://i.imgur.com/AmySs.png
  • 15:19:38: Algorithm http://i.imgur.com/afCIf.jpg [rim shot]
  • 18:14:51: M$@!#*% German tourists & several carts of luggage got on at UnionStation. Blocked all car exits. Had to exit WoodPk track back #wmata
  • 18:16:29: @ninjacooter, I'm listening to Martini Lounge on @AOLRadio for further study.

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