punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 09:56:26: I need a vacation. I just misspelled "/etc/rc.local" to "/etc/rc.cola." I lol'd.
  • 10:02:59: I just found the Liberace Museum in Vegas closed in October of last year. Now where am I gonna take Scarlet on her 18th birthday?
  • 10:24:57: Gonna have lunch with a friend I have known since he was a teenager. This guy has done so much so far; FanTek had some amazing prodigies.
  • 10:40:04: RT @TweetsofOld: Two loads of gypsies passed thru town Monday towards... well, no one knows the destination of gypsies. IL1906
  • 12:42:23: @arockingroupie maybe by 2016, they'll lower the drinking age.
  • 16:11:27: #wmata car 4003 smells like "Pirelli's Miracle elixir" according to Sweeney Todd.

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