punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 00:26:04: New podcast, new short story in the can, and Trolley is being edited http://wp.me/p145n9-5e
  • 00:31:12: I don't care IF Stodgycat is tweeting in his sleep, *I* am going to bed... GOOD night...
  • 05:57:33: @Podiobooks yes.
  • 05:59:03: @TheDollSays technically, the phrase "can I have" means "am I physically able, in general, to have?" "May I have," is polite permission.
  • 06:00:27: Four hours sleep is no way to go through life, son.
  • 11:19:21: Serious #wmata fail: This weekend has the National Marathon, Cherry Blossom Festival, AND Orange line track work w/shuttle bus.
  • 16:07:18: RT @ninjacooter: On this week's podcast, @punkwalrus and myself ramble on about wacky hijinks endured during our misspent youth. http:// ...
  • 16:32:50: Bimbo door blocker with 2 suitcases jabbering on her cell got phone knocked to tracks by the doors she was blocking #Schadenfreude #wmata
  • 16:38:22: RT @TFLN: (409): Just a heads up, the coffee pot is filled with Jager.
  • 19:46:11: Hello, tons of new Arsians followers. [tap tap ..nnNN!!!!] Is this thing on? So... what is the DEAL with airline FOOD? AMIRITE?
  • 22:31:52: I should be sleeping but I have had a Katsu Skype call. Then Katsu e-mail. Tomorrow more Katsu stuff followed by deep editing.
  • 22:33:57: Thank goodness I have two Lego minifig skeletons to keep me sane...

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