punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 11:00:05: Looks like CR can be claimed as an Exemption for a Dependent due to his debilitation. This is good news, tax-wise.
  • 14:07:22: Another @dc_rollergirls Roller Derby day! Doors are open and already it's chaos! GET BAKE SALE GOODS BEFORE WE'RE OUT!! nom nom nom
  • 14:10:25: Today the DC All-Stars fight the Port Authorities, the pain from Maine! I am told they are mostly fresh meat. Toss those softshells back!
  • 14:15:33: I an a troublemaker. RIGHT as the doors opened, cleaners shut off the bathroom. I said to one dad with kids: just go in! Soon everyone did!
  • 14:18:05: Those admiring the tape and handwriting on the signs should thank my assistant Scarlet! :D
  • 15:01:57: Now I am guarding the furthest point from anything interesting. The locker room. :(
  • 15:03:16: Given the curly wigs and semi medieval garb that went by; I am guessing we have step dancers for halftime again.
  • 15:54:33: O'Canadoll gave me a Nitrous Monster Energy drink from the locker room stash. I FEEL AWRSOME!!!
  • 15:56:40: I'd tweet the score, but I am so far away. A beleaguered All Star just told me they are being slaughtered :(
  • 16:43:59: @fuzzface00 MASHER!!
  • 17:11:08: We lost so bad to Maine. I don't even wanna know the final score after I saw 162/82. It wad a sloppy horror butcher show out there. #DCRG
  • 17:18:07: 19/6 Scare Force One/DC Demoncats so far for this women's kilt-a-bee and slaying circle. #DCRG
  • 17:30:56: 26/30 DCD pulling ahead... and an arm... and lots of other body parts like a zombie taffy-pull #DCRG
  • 17:44:11: 76/40 SFO - these girls are not easy; they play hard. Just like their liquor. #DCRG
  • 18:05:52: 98/65 SFO. This score is lopsided like the Titanic. ICE PACK, DEAD AHEAD! #DCRG
  • 18:28:09: 167/87 SFO this bout is more unbalanced than a Tea Party candidate's sanity. #DCRG
  • 18:31:52: Final score 170/97 Scare Force One!
  • 21:00:41: @ScareForceOne against the DCD you SHOULD be proud. You dominated them today; made that pussy, ahem, your bitch. :P (seriously, good game)
  • 21:11:43: I want to thank the staff of the @dc_rollergirls for letting me work there. Especially O'Canadoll, Laura Sexy Pants, and Scar Pujeputa!

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