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From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 08:20:00: @RubyCosmos IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!
  • 11:08:09: If you have more money than sense, why not consider a lap giraffe as a pet? Live webcam: http://www.petitelapgiraffe.com/
  • 12:38:19: I talk a tough game, but I'd rather watch rotten.com videos than a comedian bombing on Youtube. PAIN-ful...
  • 12:39:53: @paulandstorm can't we just spread bad rumors about them to their agents? Free up some time. Isn't that how it's done anyway in Tinseltown?
  • 12:41:48: @motherallie @Arngrim says it best: Nellie was misunderstood. She was probably French; Norwegian in surname only.
  • 12:56:23: is listening to The Silencers by Vikki Carr on @Grooveshark: http://t.co/7HZqGJo ("Dear Sir....")
  • 13:00:22: RT @SMcCall64: “My theory of why sci-fi is so big right now is because aliens don't have anti-defamation leagues,” -My film professor
  • 13:03:50: @RedHatNews Xen was pretty bad, especially the management interface. Haven't used the new one; too expensive.
  • 13:04:27: @BronxZoosCobra The standard HISSSSSSSSS not working out anymore?
  • 14:31:09: For the discriminating taste in Goth ear care http://bit.ly/exJ2BO
  • 19:46:55: It was a good life... http://bit.ly/fDGQf3
  • 19:47:41: RT @TeamCoco: Sbarro filed for bankruptcy today - but don't worry, their pizza will be under the heat lamps for another couple of months ...
  • 19:49:30: RT @DemetriMartin: I can turn a towel into a beach towel just by bringing it to the beach. I can also do a similar thing with a bum.
  • 20:09:38: Damn nature, you scary! http://i.imgur.com/SS8Gb.jpg
  • 20:15:46: I am not good with computer http://bit.ly/gx1XQB
  • 22:53:11: RT @ninjacooter: Punkie and Rogue – Fireside Meanderings: jibba-jabba : Conventions (the good ol’ days) - Part Two (54 min 31 sec... htt ...

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