punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 04-06-2011

  • 05:22:40: Old woman took one look at me in my @dc_rollergirls jacket, covered her watch and pulled her purse close. WTF? #wmata you crazy.
  • 13:12:06: Stupid font kerning in applications ruin my nifty fixed-width font ASCII banners.
  • 13:14:44: Thinks things seem more magestic to Alvino Rey's "Night Train." Yes, even when ASCII art on banners are smooshed in San Serif rendering.
  • 13:50:50: @onezumi @interventioncon I tried to undo my retweet. It won't let me. :(
  • 13:52:44: Your favorite cruise travel site is now safe and operational. No thanks are necessary, as I get no discounts.
  • 14:46:32: RT @aynnepm: RT @mouseferatu: Would tea brewed from the Spice of Arrakis be Chai-Hulud?
  • 15:34:30: The door windows are getting so dirty and scuffed, it's getting difficult to see out of them #wmata http://flic.kr/p/9wwvY7
  • 15:54:57: I am surrounded my Israeli teenagers in a tour group. If I understood politics, I'd have made a greatly insensitive joke there. #wmata
  • 15:59:50: OH:"I know it SAYS Orange Line, but I don't always believe what I read." Wiser than he knows. #wmata

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