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From Twitter 04-10-2011

  • 08:11:15: @BatteryOperated couldn't you take some rollover points from the last bout? It doesn't work that way? Damn wftda! :p
  • 09:32:45: @beefolks did you get your chili?
  • 10:29:45: RT @BronxZoosCobra: I know the zoo doesn't like it when you tap on the glass, but I don't mind it. In fact, feel free to tap really hard ...
  • 11:00:08: OH: "I love Linux because there is no line between user and developer; it's a gradual slope. On windows you come up to a wall very quickly."
  • 11:02:30: @dc_rollergirls ".... two outta three ain't bad..." Congrats All-stars! Have the found/recovered all the victims from LIRR?
  • 11:12:59: We are all bags of protein, lipids, carbohydrates, and water trying our hardest not to succumb to chemical equilibrium with the environment.
  • 11:14:40: Related to last tweet: my cats are made almost entirely of cat food, bugs, and water.
  • 11:27:58: I hate articles that state, "People have said we are doomed, but been wrong. Then I heard someone said we were doomed, and they are right!"
  • 13:02:57: Cosplayers from the 1970s http://tinyurl.com/4yvtmfs (See kids? We knew, we knew...)
  • 14:36:11: You know how hard it is to edit a book you get sucked into? Damn me and my arrogance...
  • 17:48:43: This is a really good idea: http://i.imgur.com/1rhPi.jpg
  • 17:49:17: RT @TaraAriano: My two-year-old niece has mastered her first all-purpose naughty phrase: "butt spaghetti." @Glark praised her on a nice ...
  • 19:27:10: Page 225 of 441 pages on the second edit pass. I have a few more passes to go before I submit.
  • 19:34:54: In the final edits: some updates on various things http://wp.me/p145n9-5l
  • 22:10:18: Page 310/447 (yes, edits make my stories longer) and I am off to bed.
  • 22:16:53: "Velocipede" is an older term for bikes, but doesn't it sound like some horrifying monster? Part raptor, part centipede; kill it from orbit.

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