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From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 06:18:26: RT @RashisTVUgly: Just met the famous "She" from the expression, "That's what She said!" And it's true. Everything She says can be const ...
  • 07:29:49: This lady tossed her totebag ahead of me and sat next to it so I wouldn't get this seat. #wmata #rudepeople http://flic.kr/p/9xHTud
  • 08:05:47: I should have known a metro track suicide would start a bad day. Can ANYTHING go right this morning? I got work to do.
  • 08:24:20: Two of the funniest people I know since childhood have started following me, Neal and Glen. I feel the pressure to be extra funny.
  • 10:36:28: RT @alyankovic: Al Pacino rarely discusses his unfortunately-named twin brothers Cap and Frap.
  • 12:26:29: @Arngrim I am picturing the raunchy jokes the late Michael Landon would have made for you two today.
  • 12:27:53: @Arngrim @MelissaEGilbert "When the doc is down there, every time he moves something, do a down whistle. Then deny you heard anything."
  • 12:33:09: Suicide is called a selfish act because you leave others to deal with the trauma & mess of your own inability to seek help. #wmata #bethesda
  • 14:37:55: This is SO true: comments in coding http://i.imgur.com/XbjLg.png
  • 20:00:14: I don't enter contests as a rule, but I would gladly BUY one: Skarktopus plushie http://on.io9.com/f8W2jy (why am I not editing my book?)
  • 21:28:47: This is TORTURE --why must I SPELL SO BADLY? Grammar not goodly, none neither. Oh, woe was I.
  • 22:02:10: Done will pass #2. Thanks again to Jami. Now onto Sean's edits. After that hurdle, 2 more passes of my own, a publisher's edit, then DONE!

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